They look like they have a lot more confidence now. They look like they're running around a lot more, having a lot more fun out there then they did against us.

The coach and the players, it's taken awhile to get to where we know each other, and what to expect. There was a lot of talk last year about guys not being happy. It's been a big process of the leaders saying, let's meet halfway. That's been the biggest thing this year. Guys are taking ownership.

Really, linebacker is linebacker and football is football. It's going out, making plays, hitting people and tackling.

I think I helped the team, ... It's always good to get an opportunity to play a little bit.

It felt good to get an opportunity to get on the field and play a little bit. I don't know what's going to happen in the future, but all I do know is when I do get the opportunity to make the most out of it.

It's not like he's bringing magic dust or whatever to sprinkle on us.

It's very frustrating. That's why guys are so upset.

I think so, ... I think I've played hard enough, shown some good things and I haven't made any terrible mistakes.

I relish the chance in that I need to step up as a leader. I need to show that I can be in a leadership role and help this team and hopefully lead this team and this defense to the playoffs.