We were kind of in a two-game slump, ... We definitely wanted to get back on track.

A little inconsistency. We're really young, trying to find some consistency.

She's one of the best shooters in the league. If you leave her open from 10 to 13 feet, she buries it. You try to slow her down and she still gets her 18. We haven't really slowed her down yet.

I don't know. We qualified. We'll have to sit down and talk.

I think we woke up and started running after the ball. Watsonville played a great first half, we played a great second half, and ours was just a little bit better.

He probably knows more people in the school than I do.

Now matter who we play, she's going to score. She has to be dealt with. We just need to surround her with players.

To have the size is always a good deal.

Mostly, it was just one-one-on coverage out there, ... It was easy to just stir things up over the middle and attack those spots. There were a lot of holes out there.