We weren't supposed to win it, so the monkey wasn't on our back. That makes a huge difference in this game. I knew we had enough talent that we could win it. And we did.

I felt like our bench was better and we wanted to play up-tempo as much as we could. I felt like we wore them down.

We're just kind of steady, not real flashy, we just go out there and get the job done. We have girls that are very capable of having big nights.

We have to mentally regroup. This loss doesn't change our goals. We have another season to play.

We need to be more patient on the offensive end; not stopping and freezing, just patience and decision-making.

She's a great player. But she also has a tendency to want to do it by herself. She has to realize they can all rely on each other.

We don't have any superstars, but we do have players who are capable of making big plays.

The way she plays the game - it is like shooting in the back yard for her. I thought she would get the job done.

She often comes through for us in big passes or getting big turnovers. Tonight, she had big plays.