It is important to understand what these people may like, so if they are into sport it may be worth going to a match or having a round of golf.

It is more about putting yourself in a context where both parties can be relaxed and both parties can get to know each other as people -- not just as business people.

Man, I bet there is nobody on the golf course today. This is the biggest thing to happen to Andrews in a long time.

He owes me a steak dinner when he wins, ... I was in Vegas on business while he was in college and took him to eat steak and told him to order whatever he wanted. I told him he could buy me one with the winnings of his first PGA Tour title.

In other parts of the world being mindful of other cultures can give you the upper hand and help you clinch that deal.

(Many executives) will not enter into a relationship because they will not feel comfortable conducting business with someone that they do not feel 100 percent comfortable with.

You could say that business is business in the West, and business is personal everywhere else.

It is important to build a relationship not only with the director or the manager or the head of the team but all those involved.