If the Dow were to close lower for the year, it would be a more psychological negative. The S&P is more important for the overall health of the economy, and we're eking out a small gain now, which for everything the market has endured, shouldn't be taken lightly.

Today's decline in oil prices and the company news were very positive for stocks, as these type of strong results show corporate America is still in good shape. But trading is coming to a bit of a halt before the Fed. The interest-rate outlook can't be ignored.

Two months ago, a hike in May seemed not so likely; now it seems like a certainty.

The focus is on earnings, but despite good results in the past quarter, the outlook for the first quarter is not so strong.

The confidence number has taken the market off its highs.

For the most part, the market's just going to be flat.

Today's economic data was really good. Right now, it looks like the Fed would raise rates in March. Some of the banks that have been suffering as of late, due to the flattening yield curve, should get some help.

The Santa Claus rally hasn't happened yet, and by now investors are fearing that it won't. There's disappointment all around.

If the home builders are doing badly, it shows the housing market is slowing down. Whatever happens to them determines how much the consumer will have to spend for the holiday season.