It was a very pro forma hearing, just the formal entry of his not guilty plea.

Is whether those standards need changing.

We do not say surveillance should be stopped, only that it comply with the law.

We are not trying to limit the President's ability to go after terrorists.

Suffice it to say, we vigorously disagree with the allegations and will be ready when they get to court.

You would expect a translator to take his lead from the defense lawyer and you would not expect that translator to understand the intricacies of a very broad criminal statute. There is a real issue whether it's even fair to charge, much less convict, someone like him.

We'll be announcing that we have a plea agreement.

The government will dismiss the remaining counts of the Miami indictment at the time of sentencing and will also recommend that the sentence imposed in the Miami case run concurrently to any sentence imposed as a result of charges filed today in the District of Columbia.