"Nazrul Islam" may refer to:

*Kazi Nazrul Islam (1899–1976), Bengali poet, musician and revolutionary

*Syed Nazrul Islam (1925–1975), Bangladeshi politician

*Chashi Nazrul Islam (1941–2015), Bangladeshi film director and producer

*Jamal Nazrul Islam (1939–2013), Bangladeshi physicist, mathematician and astronomer

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We've tried our best to draft the policy in a way so that Nigerian tragedy is not repeated in Bangladesh.

There remains uncertainty Multinational companies often tend to show lower profits through 'creative accounting' practice.

The investor will get tax holiday facility. Besides, when the international price goes down, it will have to pay lower.

We can hear noises of cries for help.

The situation has turned worse as we cannot even properly store the onions for frequent load-shedding.