Our children continue to be healthier ... because our infant and adolescent mortality rates continue to decline.

Whether an officer should have a weapon when entering a court facility is a very controversial subject, ... Each court is required to establish a local rule to determine what weapon policy best suits their court facility.

It would be like trying to move a car with a pea shooter, ... The amount of energy involved in a hurricane is far greater that anything we're going to impart to it.

Theological diversions, not scientifically fruitful suppositions.

In the future, pollution in the tropics will increase, so we'd better understand it now. The chemistry in the tropics is severely under sampled.

Can cause catastrophe.

So that's a very good reminder to all of us that we need to teach our children as soon as they can talk.

It does, in fact, become a wake up call.

The best and the worst thing is now happening, ... People are finally being moved out of these shelters and churches and into temporary homes and apartments. While that is good news for them, it is a giant pain for us because it makes them even harder to find.