We just didn't string anything together. I was very pleased with our defense and our execution, we just couldn't get hits when we needed them.

He was just coming into his own. He was really starting to hit, and he's been an equalizer defensively in center field. He's the anchor out in the outfield, so it's going to be a big loss.

I think it's a good development for the program to get the commitment from the kids to do that. It's going to be a big step.

Obviously we had a lot of walks in those middle innings. I still look at five runs after two and you should still produce a few more. If I look at it from our team's perspective, we've got to put some more at bats together.

Everyone has their own reasons for it. I don't necessarily think it's one trend. I know (Hilton Head Christian coach) Matt Smith hopes it's not. I talked to him, I said, 'Hey, you're just grooming them, man. Just start grooming them, funnel them my way, funnel them ...' I give him a hard time.

I think Ted Malinowski did a good job. He kept us off-balanced. We didn't make productive outs. Offensively, we got stagnant. We just didn't put things together.

The past two games, we've played five innings of good baseball. They continued to put pressure on us, and we just didn't make the plays.

We just hit the ball, and it wasn't just one guy doing it. I've been saying we just needed to put the ball in play, and today we put it in play hard.

We've been kind of working him in. This is the first time he has thrown more than three innings, and he looked good.