Any backlog of tests building up while staff is being trained is well worth the wait in order to use the more sensitive liquid-based test. In addition, cervical cancer takes a long time to develop. Waiting a few weeks for results should result in no harm.

County, state and federal funding is down, patient needs have reached an all time high as the nation's poorest are unable to obtain health care insurance, and emergency medicine physicians are struggling to keep up with patient demand, especially in the absence of compensation.

Females age 16 and under have immature cells of the cervix. These immature cervical cells are much more likely to be infected with HPV than the cervical cells of older women. And when a female age 16 and under is infected with HPV, the virus tends to cause more damage to the immature cervical cells.

Women often have atypical symptoms of heart attacks when compared to men.

As we grow, we hope to be able to capture more of that, and be able to have this be a work/live environment.

National Wear Red Day will save lives. If a woman is aware of her risks, she may seek treatment sooner.

When we look at our comprehensive plans and we see what the future growth is (projected) for the next 30 years, we are actually achieving that (amount of growth) in half the time, ... I think we have been discovered.

A partial-birth abortion is a surgical procedure during which the unborn fetus is partially delivered, an intrauterine cranial decompression is performed ... and then the dead fetus is delivered.