Nancy Grace
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"Nancy Ann Grace" is an American legal pundit/commentator, television host, television journalist, and former prosecutor. She frequently discusses issues from what she describes as a "victims' rights" standpoint, with an outspoken style that has brought her both praise and criticism. She is the host of Nancy Grace (TV series)/Nancy Grace (2005–present), a nightly celebrity news and current affairs (news format)/current affairs show on HLN (TV channel)/HLN, and she was the host of Court TV's Closing Arguments (1996–2007). She also co-wrote the book Objection!: How High-Priced Defense Attorneys, Celebrity Defendants, and a 24/7 Media Have Hijacked Our Criminal Justice System.

Grace was also the arbiter of Swift Justice with Nancy Grace in the syndicated Court show/courtroom reality show's first season. Due to the show relocating from Atlanta, Georgia (where Grace lives), she was replaced by former Clark County, Nevada/Clark County District Court Judge Swift Justice with Jackie Glass/Jackie Glass. The show was not renewed for a new season under Glass.

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They were in the greatest, happiest mood.

It's my understanding, ... that there has been rampant looting. In fact, martial law declared in other areas. Have you seen looting?

OK,'' said Jim Hammer, the former San Francisco prosecutor who is now a commentator for Fox, watching the truck roll in.

No, I haven't really tried. I don't want to spend one more painful moment. I know (forgiving him is) what I should do. I just don't think I can let that go right now.

One of the most gentle people I have ever known.

Instead of studying law in the law school, I'll be picking up trash in front of the law school. That's not what I envisioned doing with my law degree.

I'm not pretending to be anything but a crime victim who went to law school and tried a lot of cases.

He's doing horribly, horribly. He told me all along that he thought it was one of the neighbors.

I don't expect everybody to like me. If you try to please everybody, by changing your position and your personality, every time you do that you lose a little bit of yourself.