We can make progress on the territorial issue, on the borders and settlement and territory in general.

Our objective was to stop all of these operations and move back to the peace table, ... Unfortunately, an agreement that was almost in the making was destroyed by the Israeli bombing of Gaza.

Declare free and open public elections within 60 days.

There cannot be anything but anger and condemnation for those who've done it, ... I can only say that the Palestinian leadership will do everything it can to arrest and follow up on these actions and do its very best to stop them.

Unfortunate. But occupation is the reason for killing, and occupation is apparently going to be the cause of killing the peace process.

It is an initial meeting. It is a beginning, and nothing else.

The region is going to enter a new period on Tuesday. His (Sharon's) history is known, but the future is not.

Mr. Netanyahu started this tunnel with all its provocations and it's one of the issues that has to be dealt with.

Comes with a lot of baggage. I hope he throws his baggage away before he really takes the reins of government in Israel.