"Nabil Amr" ( 1947) is a former information minister (2003) in the Palestinian National Authority, and previous ambassador to Egypt. He was an outspoken critic of Yasir Arafat, especially regarding his behavior at the 2000 Camp David Summit.

In July 2004 he was shot in the legs through the window of his house in Ramallah by unknown gunmen.

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I am only analyzing and repeating the known Palestinian positions.

The repeated accusation from Mr. Sharon has become his agenda and this ultimately will close the door before the chances of dealing with the current situation in a responsible way.

In this context, the Cabinet expressed its support for the serious efforts by the Palestinian security services to uphold the rule of law and reserve public order.

There is no real presence of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza, ... The security situation is in a very bad state. Our national project is in danger.

Now the Palestinian Authority has to re-evaluate the decisions from last night and the necessary steps taken to protect the Palestinian people.

From now on we will have two authorities and most likely this will lead to a clash. The struggle will be between the president's office on the one hand and the parliament and cabinet on the other.