I trust that, even with the new limitations, our security forces will be able to control and prevent the contraband of weapons and people.

He represented the morality of humanity; he represented the free world, the democratic world, ... He devoted his life to fighting racism, anti-Semitism, Nazism and he really contributed to making a better world for the next generation.

When I walk the ground of the concentration camps, I fear that I am walking on the ashes of the victims.

To both increase global stability and to preserve universal human values, which are his legacy to future generations.

It seems if you listen hard enough, you can still hear the outcry of horror of the murdered people.

Of course we would have preferred to have an Israeli presence there to have real-time information, but this is the compromise that was reached.

He has double face. On one hand, he said he wants a bridge-to-peace situation with the Israel authority. On the other hand, he pushed the Palestinian people to kill innocent people amongst the Israeli society.

We should stop any cooperation with Yasser Arafat unless he will express his determination against the terrorist activities.