However, this will be on a quid pro quo basis?All will have to be on a win-win situation.

We had earlier given tentative dates in February and March for the Prime Minister's visit to the two countries.

It's very painful and disappointing that some major western newspapers have reprinted the cartoons tormenting the religious belief of the Muslims.

We hope the opposition will accept the Prime Minister's offer and nominate their members for the committee.

Both Bangladesh and India are moving forward very positively and the relations are excellent.

We [Bangladesh] are India-locked, while India's northeast is Bangladesh-locked. But at no point of time we should consider our geographic locations as a liability, rather it's an asset if we can transcend this to mutual economic benefits.

After submission of the list of barriers by the business communities, both the governments will take appropriate steps for the removal of the barriers.

This is not a proposal but an ultimatum that smacks of arrogance of the minority in parliament.

We've urged the government of Denmark to take necessary steps to stop recurrence of such heinous act. We also requested them to tender apology to diffuse the sense of insult and anger created following the incident.