The first letter is basically her writing home saying 'I just got to San Francisco,'.

But, generally, it's a lot about her struggles with being a singer and a trail blazer in an industry that didn't accept women and not used to women being as strong as she was.

In the first interview, she talks about what Port Arthur was like.

No one up there is impersonating anybody.

To do eight shows in a week for a singer, especially singing this kind of music - it's just too difficult, ... The stamina would not be there. It's loud and it's rough.

I don't think she, deep down in her soul, wanted to be a sort of Mick Jagger and sleep with everybody, never settle down and have 800 kids all over the world. I think she actually did long for some stability.

Her parents were fairly conservative and I don't think she was extremely explicit about love affairs or sexual affairs.

What you hear about mostly is her experiences in San Francisco, ... But the letters definitely give you an idea about what her family is to her. It actually was a very loving family. Certainly not some broken home or abuse.

All the letters are very different. She goes through a lot through the years she's writing these letters back home.