Minnie Driver
FameRank: 10

"Amelia Fiona "Minnie" Driver" is an English actress and singer-songwriter. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film Good Will Hunting, and Emmy Award and a Golden Globe for her work in the television series The Riches. She currently stars as Fiona on About a Boy (TV series)/About a Boy.

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I was equally in love with singing and acting from an early age.

People go 'You look a lot like Minnie Driver.' Once I said, 'Thanks, Minnie is a great actress.' But, it blew up in my face. This person said, 'Nah, didn't like the last movie she did.'

I swear to God, I would marry the first person who asked me, just because it seems so completely impossible that anyone would ask.

When the time came to begin I was so completely terrified that my legs turned numb.

I'd prefer not to be the pretty thing in a film. It's such a bloody responsibility to look cute, because people know when you don't and they're like, ''They're trying to pass her off as the cute girl and she's looking like a bedraggled sack of potatoes.

The Virgin of Juarez.

Celebrity is a weird appendage, which is useless unless you do something with it.

Sometimes, if it feels right to do something, you have to do it no matter what others think.