Mike Todd
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"Michael "Mike" Todd" was an American theater and film producer, best known for his 1956 production of Around the World in 80 Days (1956 film)/Around the World in 80 Days, which won an Academy Award for Best Picture. He is known as the third of Elizabeth Taylor's seven husbands and is the only one whom she did not divorce. He was the driving force behind the development of the eponymous Todd-AO widescreen film format.

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Being broke is a temporary situation. Being poor is a state of mind.

I had never gotten out and done this. It's such a drag being in Alaska and not knowing how to fish.

Both race days are expected to be bright with just the odd shower.

The antlers are private property, but the cows (elk) and does are public.

Water needs to be clean and safe for our citizens. There's no excuse for the problems we've had. I knew there was interest when folks in my ward talked me into running again. There is dissatisfaction with the way the city is being run, with the cost of some employees, with the quality of water.

Beaver do better work than the Corps of Engineers.

We'll have to work on the perception. These little critters are good. They do wonderful things for the habitat. There's nothing more beautiful in the high country than a beaver pond.

That is way out of line for a city this size. We need to offer competitive salaries, but be efficient. We may be more efficient without a director, and letting the manager of each utility do his job.

Today's meeting has been interrupted because of the actions of a tiny minority in our community who are clearly set on living on the past.