We just did a nice job handling their pressure.

We obviously got pushed out of our offense and we didn't execute very well. I've got to do a better job as a coach ... but these kids have responded to everything we've done and I think they responded to everything tonight.

I remember a lot of teams in their first Final Four winning it all.

A lot of our kids won a football state title this year. If they (officials) let us play, we're happy because we're aggressive.

They're just so long inside and big. We weren't doing a very good job of ball faking early on. Then we began to ball fake and then we began to attack a little more.

We turned it around defensively. We started trapping a little and turned them over and gave us some easy looks, and that definitely helped.

We matched up well with them. We were able to push them back off that 3-point line and make them shoot deeper than they probably would have liked.

We want to expand where we don't have retail capabilities. (We) want to provide full service to all of our clients across the region.

I was concerned that we had used a lot of effort to come back. We need to get stronger as a team. I was very calm at halftime, but I was very concerned.