We'll look to where the money went -- that is still ongoing -- and try to identify any assets that she may have that's attributable to that money.

A fan that's looking for an economic weekend of entertainment can still go watch racing, get a good ticket and enjoy themselves.

We're going to be on top of that very quick.

I'm proud of the way our kids fought back. They struggled through the mental part of the game ... I loved their effort. The kids fought like real bulldogs tonight.

Fights in movies are either real or they're cool. This is a comic-book movie, and so the movements and fights have to be exaggerated but also poetic and different.

You reduce your loss, reduce your cost, [that's] fair. But you don't sent it to a guy who has to drive 20 miles to send his kid to school.

It's got lots of installation.

We don't see any of these girls gripe when the (referee's) call doesn't go their way. This team right here? These are talented kids. And this is what happens when you have talented kids with character.

One of the reasons we came to the States is to diversify, and not be reliant on Iraq as a source of funding, because — let's face it — eventually that has to go away.