Mike Petersen
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"Michael Petersen" is an Australian former association football/soccer player. He is an inductee of the Football Hall of Fame (Australia)/Football Federation Australia - Football Hall of Fame.

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We're starting to see a resurgence.

I don't know (the family). But it didn't take long to understand their predicament.

We had plenty of chances, we just didn't take advantage of them. Miami's got a very good basketball team, but we had the chances and never could get hold of them.

They were the aggressor all night long. You can't beat Carolina by committing 29 turnovers. They're probably the most athletic team in the country. We just didn't handle them very well.

I think what we proved was they're the best team in the country and we're not. We've got a lot of work to do.

We had very high expectations for her. Because, first of all, she's a very good basketball player, and she's also very driven. She's a very competitive person. It's absolutely no surprise to me that she's had a really good freshman year.

Fans like dynasties. Every coach in the conference wants it to change, but we've got to do something to change that. Yeah, there are teams capable of beating North Carolina and Duke, but they've got to go do it. Until somebody does it they deserve all the attention.

I've never been in favor of symbolism, and I think that's what the matrix is. I think it's a security blanket with a tremendous amount of holes in it, and that's my opinion.

This board, when the last two units have been proposed, has tried to follow the same matrix in giving a public hearing.