My outlook for the future is still the same as for any healthy person of my age. The only difference is that now I have to learn how to live with cancer. If I respond well to the chemotherapy, I can hopefully put the cancer into remission for another ten years or even longer.

We believe in personal choice, rather than society dictating how we must live our lives.

We're still finalizing the design and selecting the contractors. (The design) is still shifting and changing.

He (the driver) was able to get out of his vehicle (but) I think the gunshot wounds that he received in the car were fatal.

My dad and his friends wanted to give the children something to look out their windows and see during the holiday season.

It looks like all the gunshots were fired inside.

With all the constructions planned for downtown, there will be interruptions to businesses. They're going to affect city traffic patterns and parking issues and we want to be on top of it before it happens.

I really want to look at the video tape under better circumstances so I can get a better look at, ... I'm sure I'll be able to do some good with it.