It's racial. I figured they were going to get away with it because they were white and it is at Duke. They're going to protect Duke and those players, plus they have the money to do so. If this was at this campus, we would've been locked up.

She jumped into the back sliding door, I guess, and she found a pair of scissors or something and he's taking off and she's telling him to stop.

We're cutting down on errors and throwing more strikes. When you do that you give yourself a better chance to win, and they are starting to play with more confidence out there.

Basically I've been struggling all year, so I just wanted to get the bat on the ball and get a base hit. Coach asked before the game if we remembered the end of the football season. It was a good game for us.

We've been having to rebuild the Guard's recruiting structure in Louisiana from the ground up. It's going to take the rest of the year for them to get back on their feet.

There's definitely a chance for anything to happen. With the way the ACC works nowadays, you never know what to expect.

The problem is, a lot of people just rent these condos and let these kids go with no supervision.

If we run into something, we get it taken care of immediately.

That's one niche the high-volume EMS companies don't play well in.