You couldn't get a sled around those corners.

This is trying to assure that self-pay patients, particularly of modest or lesser means, aren't going to be disadvantaged because they don't have insurance companies to represent them.

Ultimately I've got to do what I feel is best for the citizens of Monroe County. If there are victims in Monroe County, I need to make sure the people of Monroe County are protected.

Our self-pay as a percentage of our overall business isn't that high, from a relative standpoint, ... But it's still 5 or 6 percent of our business. And if you're one of those 5 or 6 percent, it's still a big issue to you paying for your health care cost.

The U.S. would like to take U.S.-China relations to the next level. The challenge ... is to show the American public that there's some result, that there's some productive output from this increasingly candid and strategic discussion between the two leaders.

Tonight we just got beat. Neville deserves credit. They got after us and we made too many mistakes.

Bean dinners, as well as ramp dinners, are historically fundraising political rallies for Southern West Virginia.

Some of this is a shift; money identified as bad debt is shifted into charity care.

We looked like it was our first game but I was proud of the effort. We looked better in the second half, but that's what I expect. Every quarter we will get better.