"Mike Garland" is a former head basketball coach at Cleveland State University. Before being named head coach at Cleveland State he was an assistant at Michigan State University/Michigan State under current head coach Tom Izzo. He was named Cleveland State head coach on April 17, 2003. He was relieved of his coaching duties on March 31, 2006. Garland spent one year as an assistant coach at Southern Methodist University/SMU under head coach Matt Doherty (basketball)/Matt Doherty, before rejoining the Michigan State basketball staff in 2007.

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We miss two or three shots and start to stress out.

We're getting the ball to the right guys. They just have to start making shots.

I'm a fiery kind of guy; I wear my heart on my sleeve. My players needed to see that. They had to realize how much I wanted them to win this game.

We've had some injuries, but we finally have everyone healthy. It was like going into a gunfight with a six-shooter instead of a water pistol.

At some point we have to make some shots. Right now we are not making shots. We had point blank shots at the end to bring us within one. We couldn't bring the ball into the basket.

Our offense right now has to come along.

It's great (having a healthy line-up). It's like coming to a gunfight with a six-shooter instead of a water pistol.