It seems like they have been looking for a spot for this deal for quite a while. They've been in registration for a long time.

This is not at all like fourth quarter of last year.

A lot of the brokerage firms are trying to do as many deals as they can before the end of the year. They're bringing them to market because they are expecting them to do well.

Bankers have lost a lot of time and they're putting out the deals they want and need to work. Next week is a really amazing week.

Anthem increased, so I think they'll do pretty well.

This is an important project for West Milwaukee that will add jobs and more tax revenue.

They were profitable last year but are losing money again. But this could be due to development and build-outs.

Their revenue stream has grown tremendously. They are moving in the right direction.

No one wants to sour the IPO market. That will make investors nervous.