They are being terrific to us.

We weren't expecting to come in here and run away from them. They played well. They had a good game plan. They used their height and we didn't shoot well.

I wouldn't have travel plans. If this thing pans out, it may be practically impossible to go anywhere.

I love singer-songwriters types. Morrissey is a great singer. I look up to him.

We've seen an increase in training requests by agencies due to an increased need for the security of our ports. They've done a good job with securing the airways, but now ports are the more likely areas to be hit when you have three sides of the country bordered by water.

We take a personal interest in (the students) and we want them to know this stuff before they leave here. All these staff guys are phenomenal in what they teach these guys.

I lost my poise a little, but it was frustrating. I thought it came after the buzzer. It feels like we always have a bullseye on our back. That was a big momentum builder for them. In a big game like this I wish they would let the kids decide the game.

I guess tonight showed everyone we have more than one player. We know we have guys that can come in and take up the scoring slack when Mike's not in there. Tonight we had three or four guys who did that. They really picked it up tonight.

People listen to me because I can put together stories and rhymes. I'm no guitarist like Slash.