We did our due diligence. We could not find anything that would turn the city away.

It wasn't a good location for roses. A lot of them had gotten sick, so we transplanted them to Rose Hill Cemetery.

The meet ran really smooth and all the kids competed really hard. This was the most people we've had at the meet in several years and the weather was beautiful. There was some really good stuff here.

Everybody did what they had to do for us to be successful. It was a great performance.

You know I'm just I guess what they call, the luck of the draw, or the bad luck of the draw.

There is no one left in the state that has beaten him in the discus. The discus is his event. I have never seen Mike not achieve a goal he has set for himself. Except for one, and he'll fix that this summer.

That was a really good start for him.