I am pretty shocked. This is a team (Ridge View) that is not as good as us. Our coaching staff had a good game plan, but it comes down to execution and we didn't execute and helped them out with turnovers.

I was real pleased with the effort especially on defense. I thought that the defense responded well after giving up the touchdown.

I think the proof will be 100 percent that she had nothing to do with this.

He's been charged with residential burglary, arson, capital murder, theft of property and breaking and entering.

It was a fun game for us because we were able to get a lot of playing time for all the kids. We are pleased with the outcome but now we need to focus on next week.

[Prosecutor Mike Allen said the county protected its values and made no concessions to the Flynt.] He didn't win. He lost, ... He turned tail and ran.

Possibly the arson was to cover up any evidence in the burglary.

And bring this back to the council.

All we were trying to do was wear down the clock and we turn it over and give them a cheap touchdown.