This is Mr. Pettigrew in a state of panic. He's panicking.

What I can tell you, in the name of my colleagues and our leader Gilles Duceppe, is that we've had enough, ... Together, all the Bloc MPs intend to reverse the trend.

We intend to support the government if what it asks us to do respects our basic principles and the interests of Quebec. If the government respects those conditions, we will try to let it function for a good while.

We just had an 18-month government and we just had another election. I don't think many people want to be in another election in six months' time.

Mr. Pettigrew says we are distrustful. I'll agree with him, but we have reason to be distrustful.

The waiting lists for surgeries will lengthen considerably.

What is depressing is the failure to act, the indifference, and the negligence of the federal government for everything that touches our seaway.

Mr. Harper said several times that he did not want to centralize, that he wanted to respect the powers of the provinces.