The phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from companies wanting to integrate their products with NDS.

I envision devices that detect disease much earlier than conventional detection methods. It could eventually be possible to initiate treatment at this very early stage using implanted devices that communicate with cells at the molecular level.

It smacks of unfairness. School board members don't come into the hearing with a clean and open mind. Their bias is to support the superintendent. School boards hire superintendents, and they tend to want to support the guy they brought in.

This is not about abandoning one business and replacing it with another.

They're the tallest things around.

A small band of anonymous cowards have been attacking me for about three years or so in these two or three groups, ... I say 'attacking me' because that is what it has mostly been. Attacks on me individually. To these people, the movie itself has simply been an additional platform over which to vent at me.

The troubling thing is the court has approved a federal system that forces taxpayers to subsidize religious indoctrination.

It becomes your first priority.

We've been working for that for four years.