Michael Showalter
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"Michael Showalter" is an American comedian, actor, writer, and director. He is a member of the sketch comedy trio Stella (comedy group)/Stella. Showalter first came to recognition as a cast member on MTV's The State (TV series)/The State, which aired from 1993 to 1995. He co-wrote (with David Wain) and starred in Wet Hot American Summer (2001) and he wrote, directed, and starred in The Baxter (2005), with Michelle Williams (actress)/Michelle Williams, Justin Theroux and Elizabeth Banks. Both of these movies featured many of his co-stars from The State, and so do several of his other projects.

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Baxters overdo it. The Baxter is the guy who's going to take a girl to the best restaurant in town, having no clue if it's appropriate for her. All that matters is, it's the best. Anything recommended as the most romantic place, that's where you'll find the Baxter.

[In contrast, the non-Baxter will simply go with his gut:] he has a spontaneous, 'Hey, what's that thing across the street?' thing, ... And, of course, it's perfect.

John Roberts is a Baxter. Have you seen his hair? It's parted with a snow shovel!

David [Wain] and I had been writing a spoof of romantic comedies, and we started thinking about this stereotypical character. We started imagining an entire movie about him.

She's sweet and she's nice, she's just not Andie MacDowell. God forbid, you're not Andie MacDowell. You're just a person, ... I'm playing with that whole idea that the characters have these quirks about their personalities that we've been conditioned to believe equal wrongness.

Their unifying characteristic is they're not romantic. They have this inability to recognize the simple romantic needs of their counterpart. They just never know the right thing!

They're [the Baxters] trying very hard. It just doesn't come naturally. They don't have a gift for it.

There's a Baxter in every single romantic comedy.

He'll cook too complicated a dinner, and it backfires. Or, he'll plan the whole night out minute by minute.