Women, being the beautiful things that they are, love to have feminine touches around the house. They love gorgeous fabrics like lace. I mean, Ernest, when was the last time you bought tassels for the drapes.

The most common design dilemmas between couples.

It is so obvious and so blatant. Since this winter, I have never seen it as bad as it's gotten recently.

I've had kids come in here sit down at the desk, and they'll cry, ... A whole lot of them will talk to you about, 'How in the world am I going to make it?'

You know the ceremony is going to happen, and in certain ways it doesn't change. But then you combine that with this question: How is the host country going to try to take you into extended disbelief?

You bring them in and you tell them exactly what the program is about, ... It's not an easy transition, but what they did in the past didn't work. It's kind of a cut-and-dried type of thing for them, and, believe it or not, 99 percent of them take to it like a duck to water.

He had a lot of influence on me as a basketball player and as a young adult. He taught me about hard work, discipline and respect. He treated the best player on the team and the last player on the team equally, so I never got special treatment. Coach Tisdale was a great family man and that's one of the things I took from him. He touched a lot of lives, including mine.

That Florida kid or that Georgia kid, I'd have them clean a toilet just as quick I would any other kid who doesn't have a college home (next year).