Now we know what it takes. So we just take it back to the off-season and crawl back up from scratch again.

I'll like anybody that comes in and helps us win.

Right now we're trying to pass as much as we can, and the guys up front are finishing.

The amount collected today won't even make a scratch in the amount that is owed.

We'd rather go forward, but we have to play within the defense, and if it calls for us to drop, we drop.

It's been pretty impressive. He's long and tall. He's down there getting leverage on every play. That's why he's so good.

I think most legal scholars believe the South Dakota statute has a very remote chance of being upheld - a snowball entering a warm location in its chance of survival.

We've just got to come back and build upon what we did this year.

We have talked a lot about getting a new beginning, ... We don't ever want to be apart. We want to end our careers here.