It's been clear to me that he's been headline-seeking, and at any cost to any human being. And he clearly has been over-reaching.

We're giving kids the opportunity to come to Melbourne, from across Australia, from the cape to Shepparton in Victoria and from the Kimberleys to the Tiwi Islands - this is part of an initiative from Qantas and the AFL and we're looking at the new Adam Goodes or Andrew McLeod.

The door's not locked, but I don't see how he gets it.

Part of this process is looking at the older kids and giving them an opportunity to see what is actually needed to succeed in the AFL.

There's a long way between now and next June ... He is no Bill Weld. (Manning) clearly is a conservative Republican.

I think I would rather that he didn't run.

I believe this continuation of strong growth is indicative of our innovative products resonating with our current and prospective customers, ... This is further validated by our current customers who continue to add our solutions to meet their needs.

We can't forget those kids, and that's the important thing. We want them to know that we care and we're watching them, not only their football development, but their character development.