Investors are receiving calls from potential brokers, people soliciting investments and asking them to make quick decisions in a 'get rich quick' scheme.

The situation is quite grim. With the money we have already, and much of it obtained from our own internal emergency reserves, we can keep the helicopters running for one week.

In the environment that we are in right now, where the market is growing rapidly, the most common area that we tend to see investors running into problems is in cold calling.

And we can feed 500,000 people for two months if we stretch it.

Lindsay only has a chance because of her and John.

However we have 2.3 million estimated to be in need, that 500,000 represents a very small proportion.

We can keep the helicopters flying for one week.

In one month's time we will start to see malnutrition-related diseases and we will start to see people dying, they will say from hunger or starvation but it will be from weakened bodies.

Look at any other possible options to allow the board to continue its work.