This will be beneficial for all students, especially in research-oriented careers who need to receive, store and publish information. We are an information society and this will eliminate the learning time.

We've converted a lot more than we did last year.

We have been a district that looks to technology as a tool to facilitate learning and teaching. In this case, DIBELS may save our teachers time with regards to scoring and record-keeping, thereby allowing them to spend more time focusing on instruction.

We're back in business today. The snow was a little bump in the road. We have a long year ahead of us. Obviously it affected business. We had some good traffic in the 59th Street store.

I really do believe in the black hole in retail. When you lose it, it's lost.

We have a great deal of spring merchandise. You see color. I think that is very good for us, not just in Florida and California, but in the whole country. Our customers want to see newness.

I walk through an American Girl store. And that's an experience.

We need more animation in the stores.