We are looking for an ambitious family with a sincere desire to build a new life for themselves, ... We hope our success with this project will be a model for other small towns. If we all get together, we could offer at least one family a new start.

Early this morning, I signed my death warrant.

Cut Bank is the most generous community I have ever lived in and I know we can rise to the occasion. The real challenge will be how to get the right family here.

Connolly was a realist, Pearse the direct opposite, ... through hell had such action been necessary. But I honestly doubt very much if I would have followed Pearse not without some thought anyway.

If you want to enter your car, the deadline is Saturday morning, ... We'll take registration from 10 a.m. to start judging cars.

I knew I was alone in a way that no earthling has ever been before.

There's lots of reasons why we can't do this. We're here looking for answers and a way in which we can do this. You are the folks with the energy and resources to make this project a reality.

The addition of the Latin Banking Group is a major step for our Central Florida bank and recognizes the value and significance of the Hispanic community in our market, ... Cesar E. Calvet is a dynamic leader with deep ties to the Latin Community and extensive involvement in many Central Florida civic organizations. I am thrilled to have him lead this new division.

It's going to be hard, but were trying, ... We hope this will be a major event and with all the help were getting from the community, I don't see how it can't be.