None of these people are lazy, ... Why wouldn't you want to help somebody like that? All they needed was a jump-start.

The airlines really focused on creating a business model where the front of the plane paid for the back of the plane. It certainly allowed the [big] carriers to make more profit in the 1990s than they had before, but it invited the competition to come in.

I need my space and that's what they're saying -- 'I'd like to have my space,'.

Then I had another brother who wanted to come, ... Then my sister called and she had friends, and they had friends. And I said, 'Bring them all.'

They're getting it from many different angles.

They have to have sufficient detail in their plan to both satisfy the court and get the funds they need to exit bankruptcy. They need to show that they have a plan that will function properly for the longer term.

For at least 20 years we've been talking about consolidation, but it never quite evolves the way anyone expects.

In normal downturns, you lose some big players. This industry was not built for $62 a barrel oil.

[Wilson's cousins, Michael Allen and Johnny Allen, live in an apartment upstairs from him and are among five evacuees who have enrolled in classes at the University of Texas at El Paso.] I didn't want to lose out on a whole semester, ... They made it real easy for us to enroll in school.