Creighton has won the (Valley) tournament the last three years, and that's huge. We need to be ready for anything once we get on the field on Saturday.

It was really exciting for us to get our bats going like we did today. Everyone really contributed today. We've been focusing on getting in the box and getting a pitch you can do something with and we really did that today. And we keep reducing our strikeouts with is nice to see.

In high school, they relied a lot on the bunt and the slap and could beat it out consistently. In our game, people can defend that. She's had to really work on that third dimension, and that's hitting away, and she's done a great job with that this year.

We're definitely pleased with the outcome of today's games. We started out a little tentative, but hopefully we'll be more relaxed (today) and we'll be able to get a bat on ball.

Amber had a great week. I can't remember any other freshman having as great of an impact as she has from a hitting standpoint. She's done a great job for us, and I think she takes a lot of pride in her ability to help us out offensively. She prepares really well and this is a great honor for her.

Amber has definitely come through for us with some key hits. She really has helped us offensively.

Shannon really pitched well today. (Jenna) Hall is just a tremendous batter. Shannon gave up some hits, but she was able to do was keep the ball in the park and that was key.

She has really been able to guide them through some things and been very patient. You can't expect somebody who's never been in our program to come in and get it right away. They're going to keep getting it all the way through the season. She's been real patient and been a good leader.

She would be an awesome coach. She's creative, she's inventive, she's thrifty, and she can think on her feet. I think that makes for a real viable coach and a real viable educator. You can make adjustments. If something doesn't work, you're able to do something else that works better.