That's intimidating when she's got such a powerful leg. She's extremely accurate.

She really showed how good she was.

Ridiculous. I couldn't talk for like 20 minutes.

It's a terrible deal for the citizens of Encinitas.

That 38 acres of agricultural land will be gone forever. That's undebatable.

This is a significant deployment in the metropolitan optical networking space. We expect to see Asia's metro optical networking market continue to develop in the coming years.

Mr. Ecke's going to move his flower operations out of Encinitas to Central America whether or not we vote for this, ... He's been doing that for years, and most of his operations are there now.

[Musical mush: Especially, note many users, the introductory songs for each batter.] If I ever hear Who Let the Dogs Out at Wrigley Field, ... I quit.

She has great anticipation. It's just really natural for her.