I know what my purpose is being here. Just help the team win and get back to the Final Four, try to win an NCAA championship.

It feels great to me, like it's not even broke. I just tried to go out there and play hard and not worry about it too much, because the mask is going to protect me.

It's good coming into a hostile environment and winning a game like this.

It's good. I'm starting to get back into a groove.

We kept fighting through it all. It's real big to get a win on the road.

I feel like I'm in better shape because I'm breathing from my nose instead of overexerting myself breathing through my mouth. It's kind of comfortable, but you just have to get used to it.

I can help out just being more agile than most big men on the team.

I don't want to have any more shakes and mashed potatoes. It's hard because you always see the guys eating good food, and you have to eat applesauce and pudding.

It's a big game for us, but we're trying not to make it too big. We gotta go down there and take care of business if we expect to continue in the race for the Big Ten championship.