"Matt" or "Matthew Smith" is the name of:

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Senator Coats and Congress were very careful to craft a law that was constitutionally sound while at the same time effectively addressed American family concerns about the distribution of commercial pornography on the Internet.

They have weapons ….

We know there are more local people with good ideas who simply need a bit of confidence and advice to take them forward. They can see others have done it and they're ready to have a go themselves.

We all love and respect coach K. We want to send him out with a big bang.

Right now, we're dominating, ... We're making ad-justments and reading our keys. Dominating.

There's a detectable small business momentum surrounding Craven Arms.

It was good to see their respect for the game, their enthusiasm for the coming season, and some national perspective on what's happening in the league.

Four-down (territory), if you're going to have to defend Maiden, that's tough.