"Matt Armstrong" was a professional association football/footballer who played as a striker (football)/striker for Aberdeen F.C./Aberdeen and Queen of the South F.C./Queen of the South.

Armstrong was born in Newton Stewart and played for Port Glasgow before signing for Aberdeen in 1931. His career was interrupted by World War II in 1939 and, after a brief return to Aberdeen, he signed for Queen of the South in the 1946–47 season. He later played for Elgin City F.C./Elgin City and Peterhead F.C./Peterhead before retiring in 1951.

Armstrong won three cap (sport)/caps with the Scotland national football team/Scotland national team.

According to research by Scottish football historians Matt Armstrong was actually born on the 13th

November 1911, and not on the 12th.

Armstrong made 41 World War Two 'guest' appearances, scoring 27 goals for London side Clapton Orient between the 1940-41 and 1942-43 seasons.

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Surfing is not an organized sport, but it does have rules. The surfer closest to the curl has the right of way.

The reason the renewal is of significance is the technology. We're going from a tape-based media to digital one. The tape will become obsolete. Someone can drag an icon on the computer in a drag and drop procedure, as opposed to what used to be go down the hall and get the tape.

It's a big step because of the complexity. This will be a nine- to 12-month process just to build this new platform.

It was the most exciting match of the day.

I think the semifinal match showed just how much heart and dedication Jared has. But you have to give Marble a lot of credit in the finals. He took it to Jared. Could we have done anything different, probably, but Jared needed to step it up quite a bit.

Our goal from the beginning is to be the Suffolk County small school champion.

I'm extremely proud of each and every one of our kids. All of them refused to lose. Even when they were outclassed they kept coming back and never gave up.

We haven't gone out too early with our marketing message, and we timed our message with vehicle availability in our showroom. We are trying to manage our customers' expectations.

To say we did well is an understatement. We really dominated the tournament. The champions we had ? not just from Mount Sinai ? I think are going to represent Division II at the tournament in a very positive fashion. We have some very tough kids and I think we're going to do well in the states.