I get up every morning and I say, 'Good morning honey, it's Mommy (and) I hope you have a wonderful day'. I'm glad she's with God and not suffering any more. The only thing is, I'd like her to be with me.

My daughter is in the building behind me, starving to death.

I've always thought there was hope. When I go in there and she responds to me, she knows I'm there.

I'm begging you ... don't let my daughter die of thirst.

Look at the videos, they prove (fill in the blank here).

I just haven't given up hope yet.

Don't let anybody tell you that Terri did not know who was in that room.

Governor Bush, you have the power to save my daughter. Please, please do something.

We lost in our battle to save Terri, but we believe it is incumbent on us to redirect our efforts to saving the lives of the innocent, who every day are being targeted by the euthanasia cult.