I'm at work more than I'm at home.

Research in neglected diseases is happening and partnerships are working away on new products.

It's all right there ? you grab the bag, you bring it with you, you're all set.

It's a new tool and we have our doubts about its reliability and validity. I would feel better about the whole process if I felt better about the testing tool, and it was consistent over a number of years.

Who's actually funding this is essentially Bill Gates. Now we need the public to step in and take it to the next stage.

Companies are much more likely to offer drugs that have no commercial value, or to piggyback a drug from the veterinary sector and give it a human application. Big companies say 'TB muddies the water.' If it works, governments may try to restrict it for TB use. And if you get a side effect, you've just trashed your best commercial antibiotic.