"Mary Mason" is a United Kingdom/British singing/singer who scored a minor hit record/hit in the UK Singles Chart in 1977 with a medley of Chip Taylor's "Angel of the Morning" / "Any Way You Want Me", reaching #27 and spending six weeks in the record chart/chart. Earlier in the year, Mason took part in the Eurovision: Your Decision/A Song For Europe contest, with the song "What Do You Say To Love?". The song finished in second place, behind Lynsey de Paul and Mike Moran/Mike Moran's "Rock Bottom". The television broadcast for the show was blacked out, which disappointed Mason as she told the press she had been relying on making a visual impact. She recorded for the Epic Records/Epic record label/label in the United Kingdom/UK.

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Part of what I've found is that people who can think creatively and can do this kind of work need a tolerant environment, ... Texas will wind up looking un-American, intolerant and very foolish.

The burden of proof is on the alien to demonstrate his admissibility, ... and he did not do that.

Yes, all have to show admissibility.

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