It just rips your heart out.

It's very exciting for us to be part of that.

I think we did really well; as a whole we performed a lot better and we sounded a lot better.

It's embarrassing to admit that I'm worried about how I look when so many people have died. But it's not vanity. It's our weapon against all this, ... I just need to feel normal, and this helps, silly as it might seem.

The problem is we always thought we could do it all: We could become president of Chase Manhattan bank and then have our five children, ... It doesn't work that way ... because, unfortunately, this time clock is real.

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We're just sitting here, we're afraid to do anything else, ... If it's canceled, I guess I'll just sit here and cry like a baby.

It's hard knowing that you're never going to see your son again, ... It just rips your heart out.

If it just comes up another foot, we will be OK.