Mary Burke
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"Mary Burke" is an American businesswoman and a member of the Madison, Wisconsin school board. She was the Democratic Party (United States)/Democratic candidate for Governor of Wisconsin in the Wisconsin gubernatorial election, 2014/2014 election. Burke is a former executive at Trek Bicycle Corporation; she also served as the Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of Commerce/Secretary of Commerce. She is the daughter of Trek Bicycle Corporation founder Richard Burke.

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Administrative rules that meet the objective of the agency, while not being overly burdensome to small business, are key to the economic growth and prosperity of Wisconsin's economy.

Despite her whole situation, she always had a very upbeat attitude.

I think not only myself, but I think the whole team has just learned that it's been so inspirational, the fact that she's never felt bad about herself and has brought that positive outlook. I think as a team, and me as a coach, you just learned that you never take things for granted and cherish what you have.

These are the students who ask why something is a certain way and then they do the research to find out.

I went to see Pam in intensive care at Hartford Hospital a few days after the accident. Her mom was waiting outside for me and said, 'The prognosis isn't very good and we will understand if you need to pull the scholarship.

Pam gave more back to Bryant than any scholarship could be worth. She inspired us.

He is, perhaps, the world's foremost business guru.

The prognosis from the doctors early on was she would never walk again, so her mom (Joyce) had concerns there for our program, and for Bryant. I just reassured her from the beginning Pam was always going to have a place at Bryant.