Martin Whitmarsh
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"Martin Whitmarsh" is a United Kingdom/British businessman and former CEO of McLaren Racing, a subsidiary company of the McLaren Group and Chief Operating Officer of that group, as well as team principal of McLaren/McLaren Mercedes, following Ron Dennis's retirement on 1 March 2009. Whitmarsh was also the chairman of the Formula One Teams Association and therefore had the responsibility of representing the F1 teams' interests, until the organisation was disbanded in 2014. In 2014, Whitmarsh was removed from his job of CEO of McLaren Group, CEO of McLaren Racing and also removed from team principal of McLaren Mercedes. Ron Dennis replaced his two CEO jobs and Eric Boullier replaced him as team principal of the F1 team.

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In order to achieve our objective of winning races and world championships we have to employ the best drivers available and Gary definitely fits into this category.

We feel that the MP4-21 is the best car we've ever produced.

It was an interesting start to the 2006 season in Bahrain, which gave us the first opportunity to understand how the new qualifying and tyre change regulations would operate in race weekend conditions, and to gauge our genuine competitiveness compared with the other teams. Of the latter, it was a reassuring race for Team McLaren Mercedes with the performance of the car meeting our expectations.

Technical difficulties are not unexpected on the first outing.

Inevitably if you are successful Formula 1 staff are attracted by other teams offering them good deals. At the moment I am not aware of any senior members of the engineering staff that are leaving.

We would like to be Vodafone this year. Discussions are going on at the moment.